The Lamplighter

January 2021

Words of a Burd

"Still Waiting..."

It seems that we spend much of our lives waiting for someone, for something. When I started to school, I spent a lot of time waiting for the school bus. We had to walk to the bus stop to wait for the bus to pick us up. Of course, I told my grandchildren that it was three miles to the bus stop; up-hill both ways...

Those who waited for the Messiah waited for hundreds of years, but in that time, God sent out a light. The Prophet Isaiah put it this way: “The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light. Those who dwell in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.

In our world today, people are crying, “Watchman, what of the night?” They are not requesting a weather report. It is far more personal than that. They are agonizing in their individual or corporate night, hoping for a break in the seemingly impenetrable darkness. A day is composed of both morning and evening. Here’s how the poet Andy Johnson portrays: “God has not promised skies always blue, flower- strewn pathways all our lives through. God has not promised sun without rain, joy without sorrow, peace without pain. But God has promised strength for the day, rest for the labor, and light for the way. Grace for the trials, help from above, unfailing sympathy, and undying love.” Through the struggle of the night, countless men and women—night fighters, have through their torment, won spiritual stature and victory!

When Jesus was born, darkness filled every crevice. People had lost hope. Centuries had passed and it seemed as though the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had gone into hiding. Then it happened! A star appeared in the sky! A new light was shining! Hope was being born again! Light will come to lead us out! That’s what this season is about! We need to remember that the Christmas Season extends through the season of Epiphany (Jan. 6). Our waiting has been rewarded once again!

Rev. Jim

Moderator's Moment

Bonne Année . . . Feliz Año Nuevo . . . Buon anno . . . Frohes Neues Jahr . . .

However you say it, I wish you a Happy New Year!

There is no doubt that 2020 has been an unusual year. The year has presented many social challenges. Some folks have also endured financial challenges. But the fact remains that we at Immanuel have stood strong and have fulfilled our “resolution” to keep our faith. For that I am grateful!

I want to thank all of you for your support this past year. We should be proud of all that we have accomplished.

Remember, our Annual Meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2021, with a potluck luncheon to follow.

I am looking forward to a fresh New Year. I pray that 2021 brings a year of Peace, Hope, Joy and Happiness to all of you and your families, friends and our nation.


Happy New Year!

With Love and Appreciation, Lucy

Thank You!

Dear Immanuel,

Thank you very much for the Christmas bonus and words of appreciation.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Jan Meredith

Dear Immanuel,


Joe & I would like to thank you for our Christmas bonuses. We are truly grateful for your kind words of appreciation. We hope you had a blessed Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!


Joe & Madeline Zindrick

Dear Immanuel,


Thank you for your donation to our Food Pantry. We truly appreciate your support of our mission to feed the hungry in our community. God bless you all.


Sincerely, Madeline Zindrick Site Coordinator

Dear Immanuel,


Thank you so much for the Christmas bonus and words of appreciation.


Gary Ruskell

If you or a family member is hospitalized and you’d like a pastoral visit, please let Rev. Jim or our church office know. With privacy laws, this information is not shared without consent.

If you haven’t turned in your Annual reports, please do so by January 7th.

Thank you.

Our Annual Meeting will be Sunday, January 24th after church.

In person services have been suspended for the month of January. You can read a text version of Jim's weekly sermons here.





Dec 13th - Tom & Nancy Beci

Dec 16th - Jack & Sandy Cunningham

January 12th — Arlene Rauland
January 15th — Bill Baxter
January 15th — Katie Pearce
January 22nd — Levi Wojcik
January 23rd — Sandy Cunningham
January 28th — Mike Bromeland

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